Sunday, September 09, 2007

Machines Playlist 8/9/07 & More Goodies.

Here's the playlist for last nights show:

Dubweiser - Alessandro Crimi (STHMLAudio)
Space Warrior - Smith n' Hack (Smith n' Hack)
Stop - Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair)
Logo - Duoteque (Boxer)
Sharp Shooting On Saturn - The Black Dog (Soma)
Run - D5 (Delsin)
Meine - Daso (Spectral Sound)
Zeitgeist - Raudive (Poker Flat)
Hot Fork Buffet - Mark Henning (Einmaliens)
Who Do You Love sung by Yakayo Akiyama & Warabe Tatekoji from "Midnight Karaoke" (Republic of Desire)
Glass Computer (Masaya dub) - Lucy (Perspectiv)
Sensation - Burnski (20/20 Vision)
Spinner - Simon Baker (Infant)
Lady Judy - Matt Styles & Jamie Jones (BPitch)
Don & Sherry (M.A.N.D.Y. remix) - Matthew Dear (Ghostly International)
Turn Tricks On The Side - Kasper (Items & Things)
Everythings In It's Wrong Place - ? (Infamous Upstarts)

So that's my penultimate internet-only show out of the way. The last one is on the 22/9, then it's full steam ahead to the big day, 6/10, when I'm on FM. The station goes on FM on the 1/10.

Loads of nice people are sending me loads of stuff. Soma have recently let me have Andy Weatherall's "Sci-Fi Lo -Fi Vol. 1" the release of which is a bold move by them as it's as far removed from electronica as you could wish it to be. Andy programmes some of the tracks that have influenced his recent Two Lone Swordsmen output. I like it, but that's because I like music full stop and it reminds me of the compilation cassettes that the NME used to put out around twenty years ago. It'll be interesting to see how much it sells. Watch out for new stuff from the Black Dog as well. Their classic GPR album "The Temple of Transparent Balls" is slated for 22/10/07, alas, without the original artwork (pictured above). Again, Soma wears it's heart squarely on it's sleeve. "Sharp Shooting On Saturn" from the album, and one of four tracks on upcoming sampler "The Cost" was featured on last night's show.

Untitled 1 aka Cold World from "The Collective EP" - DJ Foxx (Casa Del Soul)

Loved this when it came out, and still do. From the much overlooked Casa Del Soul label run out of Denver by DJ Sense. Peace Division did a remix a few releases later, but I prefer the original. I remember hearing Terry Francis play this a few weeks into his Fabric residency. Deep, dubby, tribal business with more than a hint of Danny Tenaglia. Luvverly.

Dem Young Sconies - Moodymann (Planet E)

Moodyman on one of his most electronic abstract excursions to date. A foretaste of his Planet E album "Silent Introduction." A niggling repetitive beat occasionally underpinned by another niggling repetitive beat slowly but surely drives this into your brain like a parasitic worm.

Hypnodelic from the "FK EP" - Francois Kevorkian (Wave Music)

All the tracks on this EP are superb, but I wanted to post something with a vocal in it, so "Hypnodelic" got the vote.

Twisted Horns - Dano & Joeski aka The Twisted Pair (Red Melon)

Briliant, dense, emotive, dubby, etc . . . great marriage of brass and class A sensibilities. This one's got "rush" written all over it. Has a distinctive west coast jazzy vibe too, not just in the horns but the guitar chords too. Like a psychedelic Wes Montgomery.

Oh, and before I forget (like last time) here's the competition question.

I've got two copies of Midnight Mike's new "Nouvelle Vague on mogadon" cd "Midnight Karaoke" to give away. The question to win one of these is as follows.

Midnight Mike covers "United" on his new cd. Who are the original artists behind this track?

Leave a comment with full contact details, or email me at, or, and mark your email "Midnight Karaoke." Good luck.


Anonymous said...

iam intrigued by your blog..
ive been searching high nd low for
a certain AVH remx of Da FUNK!
and i just missed it on your aug post..would you
find it in your kind heart to be
able to upload that for a fellow lover of such sounds?
thnkyou for any consideration!

Pollux said...

Hi Fed.

Send me an email to and I'll send you a link.

Nice to hear from you. Where are you writing from?