Wednesday, October 03, 2018

BROR07 - Jor-El aka Joel Alter (BROR Records)

Title: BROR07
Artist: Jor- El aka Joel Alter
Label: Bror Records
Cat Number: BROR07
Genre: Techno

1: In Ur Face
2: In Ur Mind
3: Spectrum

‘In Ur Face’, while being pleasant enough, relies on a dirty, squelchy sub bass to deliver its eponymous clarion call. It’s a contrast between light and dark which conjures up visions of Theresa May running barefoot through fields of wheat, while being pursued by a limp, sausage waving Boris Johnson. The dreamier ‘In Your Mind’ is grander in scope, and thankfully not at all evocative of the previous track’s tomfoolery. It’s rather good though. ‘Spectrum’ is a twitch from start to finish, and does nothing for me bar the background swirls. Head straight for ‘In Ur Mind’ on this release. It’s covering multitudes. 

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