Sunday, October 07, 2018

Crossing 011 - Milton Bradley presents Doomsday Device (Crossing)

Title: Crossing 011
Artist: Milton Bradley presents Doomsday Device
Label: Crossing
Cat Number: Crossing011
Genre: Techno

1: The X-Planet
2: Device 4
3: The Yesterday Machine

If Phil Spector made techno it may have sounded like this. ‘The X-Planet’ adopts a wall of sound approach and, as far as the big room philosophy is concerned, it’s not bad at all. There’s little or no space between the various elements and one feels quite pulverized by the whole listening experience. ‘Device 4’ and ‘The Yesterday Machine’ both work on the same principle, but lack the funk of ‘The X-Planet’, feeling loopy and less immersive, particularly ‘Device 4’. This EP goes for the jugular but, to an extent, comes off as formulaic and boring. Hit and miss.

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