Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Awakening the Past 2 - The Evader (Steve Bicknell) (6dimensions)

Title: Awakening The Past 2
Artist: The Evader (Steve Bicknell)
Label: 6dimensions
Cat Number: 126d-10
Genre: Techno

1: No Hats Required – Track 1
2: No Hats Required – Track 6
3: No Hats Required – Track 2
4: No Hats Required – Track 3
5: Power Of Balance
6: Shifting Illusion

The four ‘’No Hats Required’ tracks are all locked grooves. So let’s move on to ‘Power of Balance’, which feels like a longer locked groove, and ‘Shifting Illusion’ which does so as well. Sorry to be negative about this, but when two tracks are placed on the same release as what amounts to four even more condensed compositions, it doesn’t do them any favours. 

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