Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Then We Fall - Luxus Varta (Brokntoys)

Title: Then We Fall
Artist: Luxus Varta
Label: Brokntoys
Cat Number: BT22
Genre: Electro/Coldwave

1: Tripten
2: Radion
3: Haccium
4: Lesis
5: Nixit
6: Gomjet

There’s a feeling of implicit sleaze even when reading the artist’s name, so it’s interesting to find out whether this sonically translates. It’s a little up and down for me, but always interesting; never more so than on the opening track, which builds itself around a female spoken word to great effect. ‘Haccium’ with its jarring bleeps could veer off course, but is saved by the swathes of melodious apprehension which envelop them. ‘Nixit’ works under similar circumstances, but is more aquatic, and has disembodied voices floating amongst the sound waves, always a good thing. All in all, a soundtrack to your insomnia.

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