Wednesday, March 07, 2018

March 2018 Chart

Senin EP – Piktor (Subtil)

As the label says, an understated release, the eleven minute long ‘Orion’s Belt’ stands out. A groove which won’t quit.

 Unofficial Discourse – Esteban Adame (Dolly)

A fat-bottomed Detroit-inflected release with a latin tinge here and there. The Los Hermanos remix should be longer though.

 NS 19 – Levon Vincent (Novel Sound)

It’s noticeable that since his outburst after the Bataclan terrorist incident, Levon Vincent has suffered a drop in form comparable to that of Tiger Woods. Untouchable before, now seemingly neutered. I like this, although it struggles to hit the heights of older productions.

 Portal EP – Eversines (Depth Over Distance)

Not an electro release, as stated on some sites. A very good, restrained in parts, techno one though, which knows when to pull its punches.

Winds Of Corruption – Corporation Mindfuck (Hard Beach Entertainment)

Current electro darling(s), and effortless winners of the best named whoever, (CM’s id is a closely-guarded secret), this EP follows up an eponymous debut and does everything right. Stark, dystopian beats with depth and range.

The Others – Jack Roland (Lonely Planets)

Came out at the tail end of last summer. Electro mysticsm for the most part, with disembodied voices featuring.

Dahlia 996 – Nopax (Dahlia)

Funk and syncopation within the minimalist template.

Numerous Agomens Vol 1 – Pharba/Lowkust/Mark Thibideau/Gunnter (Joule Imprint)

Fairly bounces along. Echoes of Mood ll Swing.

Paradox – Alexi Perala (Trip)

An elegantly packaged doublepack from a singular techno artist with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of beats.

Blueprint EP – Merv (Taped Artifact)

Dub techno with bite from a label quietly doing its own thing.

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