Monday, February 19, 2018

Ascent EP - Ali Asker (Green Village)

Title: Ascent EP
Artist: Ali Asker
Label: Green Village Records
Cat Number: GV009
Genre: Deep House

1: Standards
2: Concatenate
3: Ascent
4: Ascent (DJ Spider Remix)
5: Ascent (Patrice Scott Remix)

It’s no surprise that the title track has two remixes to its name, as it’s crying out for one. That’s not to say that it’s in any way lacking, more so that it’s got “potential”, it’s beatless state a playground for anyone who wants to illustrate it with a more concrete structyre. DJ Spider, whose career has been distinguished by a claustrophobic tribalism drenched in a politicized use of spoken word samples, weighs in with a typically potent exercise in rolling, percussive dialectics. Patrice Scott shows a lighter touch, but with no less depth. ‘Standards’ is the stand out original work for me, with its slightly schizoid funk workout characterized by a synthetic sounding break beat having a slight edge over the undulating, respiratory low end subtleties of ‘Concatenate’.

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