Sunday, February 04, 2018

Ararapira Jazz - Cesare vs Disorder (Vakant)

Title: Ararapira Jazz
Artist: Cesare vs Disorder
Label: Vakant
Cat Number: VA072
Genre: Minimal House/Techno

A1: Dinner With Bogdan
A2: Ararapira Jazz
B1: Ararpira Jazz (Spacetravel Mix)
B2: Desorientado feat. Sabino

This is an EP which, for me at least, represents what I both like and dislike about the minimal approach to house and techno. So it’s a game of two halves then on my puny system: I say this knowing that the heights can be hit on more powerful istallations, thus rendering my sonic judgements open to criticism. ‘Dinner With Bogdan’ and ‘Desorientado’ are in one corner, the good one. Each of these tracks has funk and range, with the latter appropriately being a little wonkier and trippier than the former. The original mix of ‘Ararapira Jazz’ is, on the other hand, largely redundant of bass and plays to minimal’s high end. Spacetravel’s version improves things, and takes things into a more off-kilter direction in the process, which is nice.

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