Thursday, March 02, 2017

Facette EP - Luke Hess (Echocord Colour)

Title: Facette EP
Artist: Luke Hess
Label: Echocord Colour
Genre: Techno

1: Emerald
2: Lumen
3: Myriads

Reviewing a release like this is never easy. I really like all three tracks, they groove along so effortlessly and their subtle shifts in range and tempo mean that they are so interchangeable as to be able to squeeze into a set at any given time. They are, however, anonymous and formulaic, and there’s the dilemma. I knew that they would be what they are before I even started listening to them, are they any good though? Well I find their predictability comforting and can find a lot of use for their versatility. They are well produced and sealed in a sonic air lock, where they are hermetically looping for all eternity. I don’t mind that though.

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