Monday, March 27, 2017

X Years In London - Braiden (Off Out)

Title: X Years In London OST
Artist: Braiden
Label: Off Out
Cat Number:
Genre: Soundtrack

1: Revenant
2: Spark Gap
3: Sundry
4: Rapid Response
5: Wisteria
6: Substrate-Reprise

I didn’t know what to expect, but was anticipating something all the same. ‘X Years In London OST’ arrived like promos tend to do these days, with no fanfare in my inbox. I was attracted to this release by its concept, as I’m currently onto the third part of the Robinson trilogy, and have just watched St Etienne’s ‘Finisterre’. I’m not sure if Braiden’s OST works, but it has its moments; most of them coming in and amongst ‘Rapid Response’, ‘Wisteria’ and ‘Substrate-Reprise’. A strong finish to a decidedly shaky start then, where atmosphere finally trumps overproduction. 

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