Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rocky Beach 3 - Moscoman (Treisar)

Title: Rocky Beach 3
Artist: Moscoman
Label: Treisar
Cat Number: TRS003
Genre: House

A: Same Time Tomorrow?
B1: Rocky Beach
B2: Silver Lining Trail

This is part the third of Moscoman’s own ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’, which leads one to wonder if he has a life. No matter as, if this release is anything to go by, it really doesn’t matter and we have to be grateful for his hermetic existence. That’s because the intricate grooves present on this release, straddling some mid tempo divide between the animate fronds of disco and house, are both beguiling and inspired. The title track is a case in point, managing to be an inspired mix of inebriated funk, full of eastern promise and borderline cheese all at the same time. It’s flanked by two divergently different compositions, each of which go off on their own, very elaborate tangents; with ‘Silver Lining Trail’ being the more unpredictable. Keep ‘em coming.

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