Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting Through The Day

The random thought processes which evoke our daily soundtracks remain shrouded in mystery, so I thought I’d try and shed some light on them. Are our internal scores just accidental earworms, or is there more thought behind them? A combination of both I think, and no matter how spontaneous, when all is said and done, there is a sense of more organization than chaos. There is no reason why any type of music can’t fit any type of situation,  so here’s a sample of what goes through my head when I’m going through the daily grind.

I was in Tesco about thirty minutes ago, and as I was confused by their packaging for the umpteenth time, you know, where apples are loose they’re weighed in grams, and then in packets it’s by kilos, I had side A of ‘Codebreaker’ by Underground Resistance going through my head. One of my favourite techno tracks, it’s one I return to again and again when I’m fondling fruit. Before I’d left , I’d got into the Mike Huckaby remix of Precession’s ‘Sancastle’,  and Chiapet’s ‘Tick Tock (Apocalypse Now Mix)’, fragments of course . . . in and out of the mix, perfect every time. It’s very difficult to fuck something up on purpose in your head.

‘Parasight’ by Balil, is another one that constantly enters my headspace; its dawn of time ambience the perfect foil for the local one pound shop. There’s always a few people in there who look like they’re one step away from cellular slime moulds, so happy days!  

And maybe this is one of the reasons why I tend to listen to my ipod rarely now. Apart from anything else, it’s incredible how many mixes I keep, only to listen to a small fraction. However, there are a few who rarely disappoint: Intergalactic Gary, Eli Verveine and Andy Weatherall to name just three. Each has a different approach and technique, but all three demystify the process of mixing by keeping it simple. Something which takes experience to perfect.

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