Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ofog EP - Tilliander (Echocord)

Title: Ofog EP
Artist: Tilliander
Label: Echocord
Cat Number: ECHOCORD073
Genre: Techno

1: Storet
2: Oliveros
3: Risset

Dub techno takes on many forms, most of them dull as ditchwater, but releases on Echocord normally strike a competent balance between chin stroking and throwing shapes. This release by Tilliander keeps the bpms at a serviceable level while dwelling in a shadowy netherworld of synthetic neuroses. ‘Risset’ stands out, due to its engagement with echo and reggae, Oliveros for its chiasmic, unhurried, almost Asiatic overtones and ‘Storet’ for giving yet another layer to the tried and tested Basic Channel-influenced soundscape. All good, but rather antiseptic.

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