Thursday, February 23, 2017

& Ark Pit Spector - Masomenos (Welcome To Masomenos)

Title: & Ark/Pit Spector
Artist: Masomenos
Label: Welcome To Masomenos
Cat Number: WTM042
Genre: House

1: Les Acolytes Anonyms feat. Ark
2: OK Carole feat. Ark
3: Au Haut Eau feat. Ark
4: Totoloto feat. Pit Spector

A polyvalent crew straight out of French France, Masomenos team up with Ark and Pit Spector for an EP that brings the guests’ influences to the table, while not letting them take over proceedings. ‘Les Acolytes Anonymes’, however, is recognizably clipped and concise Ark, but the other two tracks he features in are more fluid, particularly ‘Au Haut Eau’; ‘OK Carole’ being a somnolent sound wave by comparison. Pit Spector’s contribution is the funkiest thing here, a lively, tropically driven piece of percussive minimalism which rounds off this throwback feeling release.

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