Thursday, February 23, 2017

Source EP - Idealist (Echocord)

Title: Source EP
Artist: Idealist
Label: Echocord
Cat Number: ECHOCORD072
Genre: Techno

1: Flow
2: Nucleus
3: Accumbens

There’s not a lot on first listen to gush about on this release, but if you want three meat and potatoes dubby beasts to guide you through life’s more trying times, then you should give this release serious consideration. You’ve heard it all before but that doesn’t matter when it’s this well executed. ‘Flow’ is the standout here, sounding like a more aquatic version of ‘Wax 10001 B’, it does everything you want of it. ‘Nucleus’ has a grandiose, confident lilt to its bass-heavy plod, while ‘Accumbens’ rounds things off by refusing to go out on a limb. Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt.

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