Sunday, February 26, 2017

The P Connection - Niro (Boards)

Title: The P Connection
Artist: Niro
Label: Boards
Cat Number: SPMB011
Genre: Deep House

1: Fill The Colours With Soen
2: Train of Vicissitudes
3: Reminiscence

Right from the first few notes, you can see why Fred P thought this would be a good fit for his label. The deep house seam doesn’t have much left in it, and a release like this is largely preaching to the converted, but it’s a potent message in the right hands, and Mr. P is a curator of some renown, so the quality control is strong in this one. It’s left up to ‘Reminiscence to go out on a limb, and Iit succeeds, its self-contained randomness making a real impression. Both other tracks are pretty strong too, with ‘Fill The Colours With Soen’ the more energetic accompaniement to ‘Train Of Vicissitudes’ parallax lope.

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