Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Nick Craddock Mix

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Tracks In The Snow

1. Daniel Stefanik 'Groth' (Statik Entertainment)
2. Santiago Salazar 'La Minoria' (Historia y Violencia)
3. Martin Schulte 'Cold Heart' (Pep Gaya Remix) (Sinergy Networks)
4. Jacksonville 'Quiet Room' (Doppler Records)
5. Moodymanc 'Omlette' (Dessous Recordings)
6. DJ Minx feat. Diviniti 'Just Make It Deep' (DJ Rork's Deep Mix) (Women On Wax)
7. Russ Gabriel 'Mister Din' (We Play House Recordings)
8. Kez YM. 'Pepe' (Yore)
9. Motor City Drum Ensemble 'Raw Cuts #4' (MCDE)
10. Session Victim 'No Friends (No Power)' (Real Soon)
11. IKE 'Docs Edit' (Philpot)
12. Kris Wadsworth 'Full Body' (NRK)
13. Dop 'Vsop (Bodycode Aka Portable Remix)' (Eklo)
14. Tevo Howard 'Out the Projects' (Beautiful Granville)
15. Martin Kemp 'After The Night' (Blunted Robots)
16. Seth Troxler 'Blackclap' (Esperanza)
17. JTC 'Through The Looking Glass' (Creme Organization)
18. Moritz Von Oswald Trio 'Pattern 1' (Honest Jon's)

It was last April that I featured Nick as a guest on my show, and linked to two of his mixes, so here's another.

Bonus question: what animal's tracks are in the photo?

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