Saturday, January 09, 2010

Martyn & Magda

This month's installment in the Fabric mix series is number fifty, and as you're mostly all aware, Dutch master of the smorgesbord that is the dubstep, techno and house interface Martyn is on the ones and twos. I've had this mix for a while now and it's been on "heavy rotation" ever since. I can't say what it is about it, maybe it's track selection, maybe it's the fact it was done live (as should they all be), or maybe it's the transition between 'The Clock (Ben Klock's Timepiece)' and "We Control The Beat' that grabs you by the gonads and swings you around making you just a little light-headed in the process. In any case it's a great way for Fabric to bring up their half-century of mixes representing their Saturday nights (not to mention the fifty up next month of Fabric live. I wonder if Martyn would have been more at home there?Probably not as it happens.) This mix, as well as Magda's from November (unfairly panned by Internet forumites who probably don't think she's suitable wank material any more), have breathed new life into the series, and maybe mix cds in general.

It'll be interesting to see if Seth Troxler delivers a tour de force for BPitch, as he's behind 'Boogybytes 4' released next month. I've got my doubts as I think the medium may be too restrictive for him, but I so want to be proven wrong. Keep an eye out for 'Get Lost 4' mixed by Dyed Soundorom, forthcoming on Crosstown Rebels too.

Could 2010 mark a renaissance for the mix cd? God knows.

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