Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Geddes Q & A

I sent Geddes some questions before Christmas and got the answers back a few days ago. For those of you unaware of his work, Geddes is the resident dj and promoter of London's infamous Mulletover nights. Here's a link to his Myspace page, where you can read his biography.

And here's what he had to say. (I'm far too lazy to edit, or to spell check, put in capitals where necessary, etc. This is the email I got back, rough and ready).

DJ, recording artist, record label head and party promoter. How do you divide your time and what's the priority?

that's a hard one .... it's difficult dividing my time equally between projects and last year was the most difficult so far, with the No Fit State parties I launched it was hard to concentrate on studio time and run a record label. However now we're in 2010 and the party season is out the way i will be concentrating more on my production (as i write this I'm my studio writing a bomb!!) and spending a bit more time on murmur. so far i've been lucky with the music that's been sent to me, we've got amazing music lined-up in the first quarter of this year..

How happy are you with your recorded output so far and where are you going musically?

I'm relatively happy with my output so far considering the numbers of roles and responsibilities i have, I'm not just a DJ/producer who's carefree and with all the time in the world to make music, over the last 6 years i'be been running one of the most successful underground nights in London and that has taken away time for me to concentrate on my musical interests. musically i'm not where i wont to be, i'd like to be prolific on that front and have the ability to write wicked club tunes, maybe i can already but it's a confidence thing, working with other people i find difficult and i'm always out to achieve things on my own back. my track 'the scene' did really well last year and steve bug was hammering it, just need a few more of those i guess ;-)

What does 2010 have in store for Murmur?

hmmm a lot of great music and a new label with no name murmur-? which will concentrate on the less peak time material that i come across, the first release is amazing from a young australian chap called lewie day to complete the package lee curtiss did a remix for us.

Have you thought of making an album and, if so, what form would it take?

towards the back end of last year thoughts did cross my mind about an album and whether i was capable of doing something in the foreseeable future, i mean i'd definitely like to do one it just depends on how this year ends up and my productivity in the studio pans out. i was ever to do an album i think it would be a straight up house album but now all club killers but more on a diverse route, i was really into DJ Sprinkles and Jamie Jones' albums last year. i think albums like this is what the kids want..

What's your DJ setup and why do you prefer it?

i use traktor for DJing now with time code vinyl with fadarfox controller, have for the last three years. i prefer this way to carrying records and the expensive of buying vinyl (although i still buy vinyl), there was a time when i'd spend £100 a week on wax but in todays world you just can't do that anymore, well i can't anyway. traktor is cool and so far it;s never let me down ... you reckon they'll sponsor me now ?! ;-)

Where are your favourite places to play and what constitutes a good crowd?

i don't have a favourite place to play but Robert Johnson in Frankfurt has to be one of the most memorable. a good crowd constitutes people who have some idea or relation to the records you're playing, it's nice when i crowd appreciates you it makes my experience a whole lot easier. the thing i hate most is when people are constantly asking you to play their favourite record, when that starts it really pisses me off

What motivates you?

my girlfriend, and the people around me who achieve great things just by being them

London has always had its fair share of underground parties. Did any of these inspire, or influence you when starting, Mulletover, and what does it offer that's different?

one party that influenced me was low life which is still going now and run by bill brewster, i guess he has an idea on how to run a party! mulletover is still exciting and will continue to be for as long as we do it.

I read in a past interview that you didn't have much idea regarding dubstep. Will you be checking out the Bloc room on New Year's Eve, and what do you listen to besides house and techno?

i did check out bloc briefly and they were playing techno at the time. when i'm at home i like to listen to a lot of jazz and funk. most recently a guy called Lee Fields has featured heavily on my playlist

What's special about Croatia?

the guys who run it the infamous boat parties and stuart patterson

Here's a mix by the man himself. Keep it locked.

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