Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tonight's Playlist

Here's the first of '10. Keep it locked.

Red Lightbulb - Leron Carson (Sound Signature)
Employee Only - Lil' Tony (Running Back)
Mister Din - Russ Gabriel (We Play House)
The Fall - Marcello Napoletano (Quintessentials)
My Blood, My Brother - Scott Ferguson (Ferris Park)
Get Up - Jef & Chris (Silver Network)
Innaspace - The Revenge (Mule Musiq)
Deep As Hell - Chris Lattner (Einmaleins)
M.Y.O. - Paul du Lac (Clone Jack For Days)
Killing Raoul With Acid - Juju & Jordash
Retune - Plasmik (Hypercolour)
VSOP (Bodycode aka Portable remix) - DOP (Eklo)
Slightly (Mike Huckaby remix) - Losoul(Playhouse)
Change - Ahmet Sisman (Dumb Unit)
Winning Ugly - Canary Fonyaine (Essential Reload)
Love For The Heads - Ation (Abucs)
Yah, Yah - Gary Beck (Figure)
Defect (Peter van Hoesen's "Twisted Spine" remix) - Ed Rush & Nico (Perc Trax)
Tokyo Farenheit - Numbercult (Numbercult)
Milk & Honey (John Daley's "Slightly Disco" remix) - Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt (Liebe Detail Spezial)

There are never any themes to my shows, as such, but this weekend I did feature some music that I'd come across legally, and completely free, on the Internet. The Scott Ferguson track is part of an album given away on Christmas Day over at Infinite State Machine, while the Numbercult track, and the whole back catalogue, is available from the artists website. The track by Canary Fontaine is one from a compilation entitled 'Essential Xmas' and given away by Cesare Marchese's (Cesare vs Disorder) Essential Reload label, the Juju & Jordash track is the other freebie. I came across the Canary and Juju on Facebook.

Seek and ye shall find, as they say.

Oh, and while we're talking about freebies, check this out too..

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