Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nick Craddock In The Mix

This weekend, Machines Are Funky will be hosting a mix from the mind of the talented
Nick Craddock. Meanwhile, here's one to download to keep you all satiated. There are more mixes to
choose from on his website and they're all very good.

Nick Craddock 'Disc Operation'

1. As One 'Shambala (Balil Reflection)' (New Electronica)
2. Stasis 'Sound File Nos: 13' (Peacefrog)
3. Balil 'The Whirling Of Spirits' (ART / Warp)
4. Plez 'Can't Stop (Acid Rainforest Mix)' (Plezure)
5. Anthony Collins 'Rabouine House (Dyed Soundroom Tropical Mix) (Freak 'n' Chic)
6. Jug 'The Skye Is Always Greener' (Unreleased)
7. Nick Curly 'Dubnoise' (C├ęcille Records)
8. A Made Up Sound 'Density' (Subsolo)
9. DJ Minx 'Into Oblivion' (DEQ)
10. Freund der Familie 'Sark (Taron Trekka Remix) (Freund der Familie)
11. Blackdown 'Crackle Blues' (Keysound)
12. Ramadanman 'Offal' (Soul Jazz)
13. Untold 'Kingdom' (Hessle Audio)
14. 2562 'Enforcers' (Tectonic)
15. Benga 'Emotions' (Tempa)
16. TRG 'Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix)' (Hessle Audio)

Download here.

I'll be getting an interview together with Nick which, if I move quickly (and he does too), will be put up on the blog next week.

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