Sunday, July 13, 2008

Machines Are Funky: 12/7/08 and Competition Question

Here's last night's playlist plus full competition details.

Machines Are Funky: 12/7/08

Kiss of Abana - Sven Weisemann (Mojuba)
Captain Storm - Anton Zap (Underground Quality)
Doll Eyes - Till von Sein (Morris Audio City Sport Edition)
Enquiries - Thatboytim (Nice & Nasty)
Soul Tactics - Lazar (STHMLAudio)
Pillow Head - Bearweasel (Murmur)
Doiicie A - Minilogue (Minilogue)
Unpublished Sound - Takasi Nakajima (Logos)
Ferocia Anima - Animaltek (Treibstoff)
Eiszauber (Motorcitysoul mix) - Solomun & Stimming (Diynamic)
Soca Soul - Varoslav (Supplement Facts)
Doubledub - Christian Burkhardt (Raum Music)
I Hate The Grid (Exercise One remix) - Oel & Polygon (Upon You)
JacknCoke - Hugh Hephner (Siteholder)
Seeing Mine Owning Me - Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio)
Cristal - Nekes (Oslo)
Renewal (Shaka's Breakout mix) - Breandan Davey (Corner)
Plastic People - Santiago Salazar (Ican Productions)

I've also got two copies of the recently released "Tales of the Unexpected Vol 3" double mix cd with Hardfloor at the controls. To win a copy answer the following insufferably easy question.

In what year and on what label was Hardfloors "Acperience" released?

Answers to and mark your email "Hardfloor Comp"
alternatively, leave a comment on this blog in one of the comments boxes between now and the 26/7/08. In both cases leave full contact details, plus your email address if leaving a blog comment.

Good luck!


Michael said...

Hey..great blog. I'm guessing 1992 for the Aceperience release date...and damn I hope to win haha


Pollux said...

Cheers Michael. I'll let you know. You've only answered half the question though