Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's Been A Long Time . . .

. . .I shouldna left you etc . . .

Here's the results of a recent scouring of the crates.

Time 2 Jack (Log Cabins mix) - Mark Farina (Music For Freaks)

Strictly limited output insofar as his recording career is concerned, when he does get his finger out Mark Farina shows his liking for quirky beats and obscure spoken word samples. This release on the sadly no longer with us MFF is a perfect example of his style.

Fantasize (Vocal Club mix) - Rob Mello featuring Cecile (Classic)

And we go straight from MFF to it's sister label Classic and, more specifically the very talented and singular, but incredibly underrated and slept on Rob Mello. Apart from a guest appearance on Damian Lazarus' "Lazpod" Signor Mello has been rarely spotted recently. This is one of his best and straddles the divide between refinement and sleaze.

Venus Fly Trap - Too Funk (Ferox)

The Classic/MFF connection is tenous here, with the only link being the fact that Classic label co-owner Derrick Carter remixed this track for the first Ferox "Adventures In Techno Soul" comp. A sparse, arid bleepy acid track with depth.

Back In Charge - Russ Gabriel (Soul On Wax)

Too Funk himself, Russ Gabriel, on one of two releases that came out on his own Soul On Wax label. Great gnarly funky house drenched in soul and atmosphere.

Groove la Chord - Aril Brikha (Fragile)

Needs no intro, does it?

Grab My Shaft - Louie Austin featuring Peaches (City Rockers)

Dirty old Austrian, Louie Austin in a sleazy duet avec Peaches. It's all about the sub-bass and synth.

I'll House You (The Gee St Reconstruction) - Richie Rich Meets The Jungle Brothers (Gee St)

As old as prostitution and still with everything intact.

"I Rise" (Main mix) - Ruben Mancias (Look At You)

Faggish vocal with a quiet, dramatic assurance underpinned by a plucked guitar that sounds vaguely west African. Mr Mancias, he say "I've never heard of me since . . . "

Dark Room - Ron Trent (Balance)

This track started off the recent Norman Nodge mox on Minimal Ssgs. Knew I had it so thought I'd post it. Classic RT deep elements on show. Timeless beats that are a little bit difficult to take seriously while watching "Goldmember."

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Andre Crom said...

one more time thanks for those great and timeless oldschool tunes!