Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daniel Mnookin Mix July '08

Here's a link to a mix by Siteholder Records co-owner Daniel Mnookin, as well as an interview for you to peruse. Siteholder have recently been sending me their stuff, I reviewed their first full-length "Nymphotech" last week. They seem to be trying, with some degree of success, to update the shuffling "boompty" Chicago sound and give it a bit of edge. It's about time because I, for one, always thought it had a lot more going for it than most outside of Derrick Carter ever did. Funk in spades and an undercurrent of humour that more often than not manifests itself in the guise of tongue-in-cheek sleaze. Siteholder are currently the at the other end of the spectrum to the current crop of deep house specialists, providing a well-honed foil of fresh tomfoolery that complements more moody beats rather well.

Check out the mix and words here.

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