Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Didn't know You Cared

Oh but I do, and to prove it, here are some more treats.

It's boiling over here in Suffolk, but my day has been interrupted by Hector, one of my boys, gashing his foot in the bathroom and having to go to hospital to get it stitched up. That little diversion has curbed my enthusiasm and made me lazy and apathetic. The music's there so I won't mince my words.

Clix (Recloose mix) - Brooks (Mantis)


Bor Dlan Me mix sorcie la (I : Cube remix) - Kemit Sources (Versatile)

I : Cube's heart on his Detroit sleeve.

I Lke You (Restless Soul Peak Time mix) - Cassio Ware (Pan)

Fuck the horns off and this is almost perfect.

Kylie Said to Jason - The KLF (KLF Communications)

From cheese to the outer limits. The omnipresent sound of the second summer of love.

Love It Dub It (Joshua remix) - Iz and Diz (Silver Network)

Samples MC Kinky's & The E-Z Posse's "Everything Starts with an "E". An exercise in delicacy.

Sandwiches - The Detroit Grand Pubas (Throw)

First heard on a Dave Clarke Essential mix, and part of a comp 12" featuring an early Run, Stop, Restore effort. I'll post that too.

Do It Now - Dubtribe Sound System (Defected)

Big room hippy anthem. Ace!

Testfour - Sweet Exorcist (Warp)

Speaks for itself. The quintessential bleeper.

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