Thursday, February 21, 2019

Plastic Time - Luxus Varta (Nocta Numerica)

Title: Plastic Time 
Artist: Luxus Varta
Label: Nocta Numerica
Cat Number: NN013
Genre: Electro

A1: Feline
A2: Unclean
B1: Stilnox (Feat. Paris The Black Fu)
B2: Quark
B3: October

‘Plastic Time’ is a release with a concept; that of ‘Plastic Time’ (look it up). And I can see how the gears shift within varying degrees to accommodate the temporal changes the different tracks strive to represent. Each composition drips with a melancholic ambience draped over an electro skeleton, and it works very well. There’s a lot of variety over the course of this release, with the fuggy groove of ‘Stilnox’ marking a peak of sorts, flanked, as it is, on either side by more active offerings. Whether the order of play is intentional or not, there is a logic to it and listening to this release from start to finish serves to reinforce a wistful, bittersweet atmosphere suggestive of retro futures been and gone. Electro Adam Poe vibes.

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