Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Floorplan v Mark Broom EP - Floorplan v Mark Broom (EPM)

Title: Floorplan v Mark Broom EP 
Artist: Floorplan v Mark Broom 
Label: EPM
Cat Number: EPM72
Genre: Techno

1: Never Grow Old (Mark Broom Dubplate Mix) – Floorplan
2: Jungle – Mark Broom
3: He Can Save You (Re-Plant)

I remember buying Robert Hood releases on sight a log time ago. Everything was/is essential and his minimal approach was/is unique. Never had something so hypnotic been created from such few and fragile elements. Symphonic in scope, Hood’s nineties output trumps all comers, Mills included (for me anyway). The two tracks with his stamp on them on this release don’t come close to anything he did around that time, but they still hold their own; morphing a big room approach with an underground sensibility often falls flat due to excess, but works here, particularly on ‘He Can Save You’. Mark Broom’s hand is subtle in his dub plate mix of Hood’s best known more recent floor filler, and on ‘Jungle’ he shows the same restraint, to the benefit of the tune which, while tribal in the true sense, never gets out of hand.

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