Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Keys The Door EP 1 - Ali Berger (FCR)

Title: Keys The Door EP 1 
Artist: Ali Berger
Label: FCR
Cat Number: 12FCR-09
Genre: House

1: Badlands
2: Love In This Box
4: Sleeves

As an acid aficionado I think I know a good thing when I here it, and I here it here, well on two tracks at least. ‘Badlands’ and ‘Secrets’ mirror each other in that they each occupy opposite ends of the sonic spectrum and show off the subtleties of the hardware to great effect. ‘Love In This Box’ is a lovely piece of floaty, melodic deep house while ‘Sleeves’ jars and thuds like a contradictive, cohesive abstraction. What I like about this release is the, calculated or not, symmetry and harmony it has. Impressive stuff. 

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