Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Far & Wide EP - Artefakt (De Stijl)

Title: Far & Wide EP 
Artist: Artefakt
Label: De Stijl
Cat Number: INV024
Genre: Techno

1: Far & Wide
2: Ghost In The Machine
3: Crystal Confessions
4: Levity

I can pay Artefakt no higher compliment than to say that I can imagine seamlessly mixing in ’Acid Eiffel’ to most of their tracks and there’s no decline in ambience. Once ‘crystal Confessions’ gets off the ground we’re in that spacey world of squelchy electronic pulses ripping through the firmament to the accompaniment of chiasmic synths and delicate percussion. The rest of the EP is a reflection of this approach, but is not at all one dimensional, offering different facets on the IDM/techno interface. ‘Levity’ with its tenuous, gossamer break beats, and ‘Far And Wide’ and ‘Ghost In The Machine’ each offering a contrasting approach to the deep, groove-driven stellar throb that characterizes the best emotive techno.

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