Thursday, December 06, 2018

Zehn - Pin Up Club, Conga Fever (Mireia Records)

Title: Zehn
Artist: Pin Up Club/Conga Fever
Label: Mireia Records
Cat Number: MIR10
Genre: House

A1: Dilapidated – Pin Up Club
A2: Dilapidated (Lauer Remix) – Pin Up Club
A3: Dilapidated (RSS Disco Remix) – Pin Up Club
B1: Chihuahua – Conga Fever
B2: Chihuahua (Jacob Korn Remix) – Conga Fever

Oooh, I do like a mid-range plodder me, so the original mix of ‘Dilapidated’ has it all: it’s euphoric, cosmic stuff which lopes along under the weight of it’s own bass, hitting the highs and feeling the lows. Moving onto Lauer’s remix, we have a more energetic italo-inspired effort which is every bit as good as its predecessor, just a different facet. The RSS Disco remix is relatively flat by comparison, but this shouldn’t be seen as a negative. On the contrary it’s sharp edged dubbiness (a contradiction of terms I’m well aware of), makes it a moody take on the original. I have a student who comes from Chihuahua so I’ll be asking him if the eponymous offering here could in any way soundtrack a typical day. It’s a lively tune and one which grooves hither and thither; it does have a slight commercial edge to it though. This may be the reason why I prefer Jakob Korn’s remix, which hollows things out and mutes the originals’ excesses.

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