Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rising - Antigone (Token)

Title: Rising
Artist: Antigone
Label: Token
Cat Number: TOKEN88LP
Genre: Techno

A1: Rising
A2: Sands of Time
B1: Perchance to Dream
B2: Lost and Found
C1: Out There
C2: Duality of Mind
C3: Infinite Limit
D1: It Follows
D2: Irreversible
D3: Love Field

This is Antigone’s debut album and it’s a patient, well-disciplined realization of what I would hope is the artist’s imagination. This much should be obvious I suppose, but in a genre as claustrophobic as techno, it may need to be said more often than should be necessary. It’s not easy to make something which is truly unique within this genre anymore. The machine funk trace elements of one strain or another always seem to be present and form another layer of veneer on what has already been absorbed. What has kept me listening to this collection over the past few days is its symmetry and ambience; two very important techno characteristics that distinguish this album and raise it above the level of the mundane. It’s a bit too clean at times, but the space within which Antigone operates is both figurative and hallucinatory and, although most of what has been produced here feels safe within its cyclic realms, the restraint and maturity which adorns it is notable.

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