Thursday, December 06, 2018

Dreams of the Tropics - Jacuzzi General (Paradise Palms)

Title: Dreams of the Tropics 
Artist: Jacuzzi General 
Label: Paradise Palms
Cat Number: PP011
Genre: Cosmic Gibberish

1: Prelude
2: Eurostar
3: Dreams of the Tropics
4: Pool Shark

Following on from the previous review, we again find ourselves in a Balearic netherworld where, in this case, a sun-loving voluptuary holds sway. There’s a wooziness to this release which evokes the heady humidity of summer holidays seen through the looking glass. It feels strange listening to this with the rain beating down outside in a chilly December evening, but all the tunes here have that frictional momentum and cosmic chug, which can create a parallel world anywhere.

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