Sunday, December 23, 2018

Embodiment - Anna Lann (Ransom Note Records)

Title: Embodiment 
Artist: Anna Lann
Label: Ransom Note Records
Cat Number: R$N17
Genre: Smorgasbord

1: Embodiment
2: Carabela
3: Mozart’s Reqiuem in D Minor
4: Feeling Emotional
5: Feeling Emotional (Nick Hoppner Remix)
6: Feeling Emotional (Richard Sen Remix)
7: Feeling Emotional (Flug 8’s Ambient Incantation)
8: Carabela (Placid One’s Ambi Mix)

Lots of stuff to get through here on this mammoth Ransom Note outing, and it’s always a fair bet that when one release lends itself to so many different interpretations, it’s either too niche, so amazing that it has to be reinterpreted, or a combination of the two. I’ll go for the latter, and be none the wiser as a consequence. The original versions are sonically distinct, and have a strange cohesion which envelops them in an abstract pop umbrella. This gains more credence with Nick Hoppner’s remix, a surprisingly effective, Nouvelle Vagueesque mid tempo romp. Richard Sen’s remix is more strident and confrontational, mirroring that of Hoppner’s in being more immediatly accessible than the original. The two ambient mixes which close the package vary in  relative intensity, with Flug 8’s given more time to roam, and Placid One’s perhaps not straying as far from the original as one might think.

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