Sunday, November 11, 2018

Counterfeit Soul Vol 2 - Frazer Campbell (Counterfeit Soul Records)

Title: Counterfeit Soul Vol. 2
Artist: Frazer Campbell
Label: Counterfeit Soul Records
Cat Number: CS002
Genre: Deep House

1: Glad It’s All Night
2: Laurenz Hill
3: Alexo Kneel
4: Mr Green’s Envy

Frazer Campbell flexes his sonic sinews with four tracks which, judging by their titles, owe a debt to those in question. The tunes are tight and bouncy, as we have become used to, and there are various other embellishments to raise this quartet well above that of the purely playful and functional. Campbell keeps things understated throughout, and leaves it to the samples to do the work when necessary, but they wouldn’t sound so good without the grooves. Both ‘Glad It’s All Night’ and ‘Alexo Kneel’ rely on this approach more, with the beats being more upfront on ‘Laurenz Hill’. It’s probably the sunrise evoked by ‘Mr Green’s Envy’ that I find the most touching though, which ensures that each composition offers something a little bit different from its predecessor.

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