Sunday, March 18, 2018

Skoven EP - Ohm & Kvadrant (AE Recordings)

Title: Skoven EP
Artist: Ohm & Kvadrant
Label: AE Records
Cat Number: AE07
Genre: Techno

1: Rold
2: Grib
3: Hvidding
4: Hvidding (Octal Industries Remix)

This one creeps up on you, and hits the sweet spot between the beats and the insubstantial, where in some cases a lateral line of texture is detected, in others there is a more concrete foundation. All original versions on this release toy with the idea that syncopation is fluctuation, inasmuch as the constant thump on show modulates itself considerably within its own nexus and, self-contained, exhibits a remarkable range of character. The remix comes across as replicated respiratory failure, functioning as it does, with a much more pronounced sense of  abstraction.

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