Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Damocles Syndicate - Posthuman (Shipwrec)

Title: The Damocles Syndicate
Artist: Posthuman
Label: Shipwrec
Cat Number: SHIP56
Genre: Techno

1: Netflix & Kill
2: The Damocles Syndicate

This is a double header that has a predilection for the TB303, but doesn’t overdo it. ‘Netflix and Kill’ lets the beast loose around halfway through, but it never dominates, so not detracting from the wide expanse of sound which characterizes the track. There is a similar big room feel to the ‘The Damocles Syndicate’, and here the acid is much more entwined, but is still used subtly. The sound of acid is often overdone, but not on this release.

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