Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Silence - East Wall (Dark Entries)

Title: Silence
Artist: East Wall
Label: Dark Entries
Cat Number: DE145
Genre: Dark/Cold Wave

1: Intro
2: Silence
3: Ice of Fire
4: Twenty Five Sunsets Before Dawn
5: Blue
6: Angelo
7: Privacy
8: Twenty Seven

Evocative, sweeping, grandiose and wistful, ‘Silence’ doesn’t disappoint, but isn’t perfect either. East Wall made their name with ‘Eyes of Glass’ and this collection proves that they were no one-trick pony. The italo influence isn’t always evident, but on tracks like ‘Ice of Fire’ (which resembles Geslotem Cirkle’s ‘Submit X’ in parts) it comes to the fore. There is the occasional whiff of cheese throughout, but this is generally ok and expected. . .However, ‘Twenty Five Sunsets  . . .’ does disappear up its own arse somewhat, and the melancholic earache that ‘Angelo’ delivers is to be avoided. The title track is universal in scope and plays to cold/dark wave strengths, and there are signs of disco futurism in ‘Privacy’ and ‘Twenty Seven’. So, it’s generally a satisfying listen, but sometimes sets the teeth on edge.

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