Thursday, January 12, 2017

Silent Pattern of the Tortoise's Walk - Voiski (Sheik n' Beik)

Title: Silent Pattern of the Tortoise's Walk
Artist: Voiski
Label: Sheik N Beik
Cat Number: SNBV009
Genre: Techno

1: 5th Dolphin Transmission
2: Let Down Disco

Voiski is one of those artists who doesn’t, on first listen, seem to be doing that much different to the rest; but further examination of his sonic palette suggests otherwise. He’s got a way with sound, which is, on the one hand richly subtle, tactile almost, and on the other powerfully honed to a fine degree. Both tracks here feel sparse but are layered and dense. The more I listen to the title track the more I like it, but then it ends. It’s ‘Let Down Disco’ however, hewn from a rich seam of synthetic italo and sped up to surf the wave of today’s warehouses that really hits the spot.

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