Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kinship - Artefakt (Delsin)

Title: Kinship
Artist: Artefakt
Label: Delsin
Cat Number:122DSR
Genre: Techno

1: Kinship
2: Tapestry
3: Entering The City
4: Somatic Dreams
5: Fernweh
6: Return To Reason
7: Tapeloop

Artefakt’s singles have always hit my sonic g spot. Just the right amount of momentum, underpinned by a throbbing, dead serious analogue undertow, it’s like they listened to ‘Acid Eiffel’ alone in a dark room for a few hours and everything coalesced within a diorama of emotiveness.  Because, as functional as their music is, they get everything right in the way you knew you would if you had the wherewithal. ‘Kinship’ is a concise, measured statement of that sound, (something obviously influenced by that of the majority of artists who used to record on Prologue, where Artefakt got their start); which unfolds like a typical Artefakt track over the course of an album. The momentum it builds being critical to the duo’s identity, as well as something which conspicuously works at rehabilitating your soft spot for trance.

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