Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Expanded Consciousnness - Komarken Electronics (Brokntoys)

Title: Expanded Consciousness
Artist: Komarken Electronics
Label: Brokntoys
Cat Number: BT15
Genre: Electro

1: Early Mornings
2: Bubble Theory
3: Expanded Consciousness
4: Early Mornings (Delta Funktionen Remix)

So I’ve only just got around to playing this, having bought it a week or so ago. Such is life and the nagging sense of disorder that currently surrounds mine. Downstairs the kitchen and dining room are being put back together, (at last), while I’m holed up in my bedroom listening to a backlog of stuff. This is a good place to start, as electro is making its presence felt once more and in the right hands, is as emotive as it gets. This release however, although satisfying, doesn’t contain any surprises, feeling more than a little derivative, with ‘Bubble Theory’ being the most. It’s ok, but the Delta Funktionen remix takes things in a straight up stomping direction and is my favourite bit here, its sonic layers subtle and beguiling.

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