Sunday, November 06, 2016

DJ Mixes Revisited: Claude Young DJ Kicks

So, if ‘Live at the Liquid Rooms’ was a seminal techno DJ calling card, this was another. Coming out in the same year as Mills’ masterwork, this is, arguably, just as good and, as far as track selection is concerned, more daring. Young eschews his own productions, except as strategically placed bookends and peak, whereas Mills’ productions dominate his mix, as they tend to when he plays any set. Apart from this, we get the obvious deck skillz that Young possesses, coming on like techno’s Hendrix in an age when bouncing two copies of the same release was commonplace. Who’s to say he’s not crossfading with his mouth as well? A true DJ can get you dancing to stuff you either wouldn’t expect to like, or dislike, adding a new dimension as he/she does; and Young is adept at constructing something new and different on the go. Closing with one of Planet E’s finest moments, two tracks from Clark’s ‘Lofthouse’ EP, preceded by Dopplereffekt, before descending into his own piece composed for the occasion. This is real.

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