Saturday, November 26, 2016

Acapulco - BXP (RA-1)

Title: Acapulco
Artist: BXP
Label: RA-1
Cat Number: RA-1-002
Genre: Techno

A1: Acapulco
A2: Acapulco Basement
B1: Acapulco Basement (D’Marc Cantu Beachfront Mix)
B2: Acapulco Basement (D’Marc Cantu Rainforest Mix)

No matter how much I receive, I’m always grateful for free music. However, filters do need to be deployed to catch the crap, which is around 75% of what arrives in my mailbox. ‘Acapulco’ however, is not crap at all. The name is intriguing, but superfluous, but the title track itself is a stringent piece of atmospheric techno which works wonders with a handful of raw elements. ‘Acapulco Basement’ develops its predecessors template to a more restrained, but higher level, while the two excellent mixes by D’Marc Cantu occupy a different region of the astral plane. All in all, really good.

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