Monday, October 24, 2016

Shinjuku One Night Stand - S.O.N.S. (S.O.N.S.)

Title: Shinjuku One Night Stand
Artist: S.O.N.S.
Label: S.O.N.S.
Cat Number: SO-02JP-NS
Genre: Techno

A1:Landing On The Unknown
A2: Acid Dreams (Trance Jungle Mix)
B: Sunrise
C: Hurricane (Mortal Kombat Mix)
D1: Yamanote Underground Beach
D2: City Of Fear

Firstly, I don’t have this record. I don’t know how many were pressed, but they had sold out everywhere faster than Kraftwerk tickets. Yet another strategic, small-scale release designed to encourage ridiculous bidding wars and ott transactions on Discogs? I don’t know. Fact is, if I was head of a label I’d probably do the same thing in these turbulent economic times. Right now, prices range from what you can see after you’ve clicked this link. As far as the music is concerned, there’s a good range across the two slabs; the analogue warmth is conspicuous, and the sound is layered thicker than Rupaul’s make up. To call it techno is obvious, but it’s a little bit more and encompasses a lot of what makes the genre classic, without resting on one particular sonic specification. It’s general timbre being one of self-conscious, but entirely necessary rave and Detroit classicism. Worth the hype? Yep.

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