Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shadow Boat EP - Porter Ricks (Tresor)

Title: Shadow Boat EP
Artist: Porter Ricks
Label: Tresor
Cat Number: TRESOR288
Genre: Techno

A1: Shadow Boat
B1: Bay Rouge
B2: Harbour Chart

It’s throwback Saturday here in Suffolk. A new Porter Ricks record is playing and it’s like the 21st Century never happened. I resisted the temptation to categorize this as dub techno mainly because it’s so far superior to almost everything that comes out under that label, the genre mainly failing to deliver during most of its history, The hyperbole is real regarding this release just as much as it is in reference to most of its peers. Anyway, this can’t be pigeonholed, and the variety and subtlety displayed across the three tracks here will stand up to most open minds.

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