Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm Going To See Kraftwerk

My introduction to Kraftwerk

I got even older last Friday and was extremely happy, and incredibly surprised, to be presented with a ticket to see the Kraftwerk gig at The Royal Albert Hall on the 23/6/17. This, the third of three, was tacked on to the other two last week, but as tickets didn’t go on sale until 10am on the 7/10, was always going to present something of a logistical problem. On discovering the additional soiree, I went straight to the ticket selling site only to see that I’d have to wait a few days to get them. I’d had no idea that Kraftwerk were on tour until I saw loads of happy bods posting contented, self-congratulatory messages on social media, and once my interest had been stirred, all venues across the country were already sold out.

So on Thursday I remember saying to la Wife that if she were to be next to her computer and/or phone at 10am the next day, she should try and see what happened. Honestly, unless you’re tied to a desk the whole day, or ill, or on holiday, how are you expected to sort this. I would be in class, so it would be impossible for me. In any case I remembered to go online at 10:45, during my break which, of course, was too late. That evening I went home, asked Emmanuelle if she’d had any luck, and forgot about the whole thing very quickly.

Cut to Friday night and I’m scoffing canard a l’orange, quaffing a nice Fleuri and steeling myself for cards from the kids. These are not real cards. Rather sheets of A4 folded in half with random drawings on them and slightly less random messages inside; they are cut-ups taken to a whole new level. The illustrations run from robots chasing eels to sharks riding elephants blasting the shit out of each other with ray guns. One of these heart felt missives felt a bit thicker than normal so I dipped in thinking it would be a non index-linked fiver; just enough to buy some ice cream with. I WAS WRONG!


(Credit for the photo of the Sounds front page must go to the excellent site run by DJ Food)

(Credit for these goes to La Wife. Merci et bizouxxx)

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