Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Concentric Rhythms - DJ Guy (Hypercolour)

Title: Concentric Rhythms
Artist: DJ Guy
Label: Hypercolour
Cat Number: HYPE056
Genre: Techno

1: Love
2: Untitled 3
3: Concentric Rhythm
4: Don’t Hold Back ‘95
5: Through The Galaxy ‘93
6: 20 (Full 16 Minute Version) ‘96
7: Fresh Horizons
8: Bankzappa Dub

Up to now, DJ Guy has been releasing stuff which is around twenty years old, his voluminous sonic archive showing no signs of flagging. Whether this is still the case with this album he’s put together for Hypercolour I’m not sure. Three of the tracks were made in  the nineties, the others date from 2012-2013. Whatever the case, this is timeless stuff from the heyday of rave, the production of which immediately takes one back to a comparative age of innocence. There’s an enormous amount of skill and ability on show here, and the scope of this collection encompasses a profusion of aural stimulation. The other side of all this, however, is that Guy’s output implicitly demands that music of a similar ilk holds a mirror up to itself and asks how far it’s come.

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