Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vibe Telemetry - Telephones (Running Back)

Title: Vibe Telemetry
Artist: Telephones
Label: Running Back
Cat Number: RBCDLP08
Genre: House

01 147 Stars
02 Sierra
03 Tripping Beauty
04 Datajungel
05 Highs & Bungalows
06 Sea, Hex & Moon
07 Mezcal Eclipse
08 Expanse
09 Entropik†lia
10 Untitled (The Party)
11 Flow System

A micro review scarcely does this album justice, but I’ll try. This is unhurried, mature and diverse encompassing a wide variety of structures and riddims. “House is a feeling” as someone once said, and that’s what registers from listening to this collection, but it would be unfair to pigeonhole it so directly. It’s all that and a lot more besides, a selection of undulating, beat-driven ambience which feeds the mind, body and soul. That’s a lovely cliché on which to end, so I won’t. I’ll just say that it is due to be released on my birthday, and is full of the sun-kissed, balearic-flavoured optimism that may be too much for some across its course, but has many memorable moments worth seeking out.

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