Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gazel EP - Mehmet Aslan & Dario Rohrbach/Alma Negra (Fleeting Wax) Notes

Title: Gazel EP
Artist: Mehmet Aslan & Dario Rohrbach/Alma Negra
Label: Fleeting Wax
Cat Number: FW 002
Genre: Esoteric Grooves

1: Gazel - Mehmet Aslan & Dario Rohrbach
2: In The Beginning – Alma Negra
Bonus Track: Oriental Strings - Mehmet Aslan & Miajica

This release brings the disco from the Levant in an interesting way. This is spacey, evocative stuff with a very broad scape. ‘Gazel’ sounds like an inverted, Eastern Mediterranean hallucination might, and it’s relative lushness is mirrored by the bottomed-out percussive thud of ‘In The Beginning’, once it’s built up a bit of momentum. The pair of them share a similar psychedelic vibe, slightly unsettling but also very floor friendly. The bonus track sounds like a slightly cheesy forties big band, its only real similarity it has to the others being its filmic expanse.

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