Sunday, September 04, 2016

A Change Is Gonna Come - Lapien (Rekids)

Title: A Change Is Gonna Come
Artist: Lapien
Label: Rekids
Cat Number: REKIDS093
Genre: Techno

A1: A Change Is Gonna Come
B1: As It Is
B2: Vexed

Crisp, machine – etched production on the first two tracks; along with a nice feeling of imbalance and discord emphasized by some deft vocal samples. Analogue warmth counter intuitively made use of on ‘Vexed’ , which takes the tempo down and endows the release with equilibrium. ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ is a prodigious journey compressed into an achievable time span. A soundtrack to Carl Sagan’s “spaceship of the imagination”, which is great news for someone who gets out as little as I do.

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