Sunday, September 04, 2016

Temporary Insanity EP Remixes - Terrence Dixon pres. Population One (OUT-ER)

Title: Temporary Insanity EP Remixes
Artist: Terrence Dixon pres. Population One
Label: OUT-ER
Cat Number: OUT022
Genre: Techno

A1: Multiple Choice (Simone Gatto Remix)
A2: Temporary Insanity (Voiski Remix)
B1: Multiple Choice (Cosmin TRG Remix)
B2: Multiple Choice (Pangaea Phase Dub)

This is good, but which version is the best? Three of ‘Multiple Choice’ vie for your attention, Simone Gatto’s being perhaps the most faithful to Dixon’s sound, Pangaea’s the most estranged, and the dusty minimalism of Cosmon TRG falling somewhere in between. Having said that, Gatto toughens up the bass and Cosmin TRG drives the dub fifty fathoms down. Pangaea’s nervy take on breaks leaves me a little cold the jerkier it gets, but it’s horses for courses and does go out on a limb. The best by far, however, is Voiski’s throbbing, synth – heavy italo meets new beat version of ‘Temporary Insanity’. A floor filler for those sunrise moments if ever I heard one.

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